Things you just can't live without and didn't know you needed!

Our Pals at the DEA

The Uncle Stan Pharmacy Calendar--an annual diatribe since 1984, 1000 signed and numbered specimens created, and they sell out one way or the other.  Or else they stack up in the basement. 

The Print Gallery--ooh, lookit the purty pitchers! So far we have "Competition" and "Sears Catalogue"

Martyr to the Mortar Certificate -- suitable for framing and prolaiming your selfless devotion to healing the world

The Sears Drug Catalog of 1902 -- who needs the FDA with goodies like these?!

Uncle Stan’s Profusely Illustrated Book -- Volume One!  (more threatened soon)

The Videos!--VHS tapes by and from Uncle Stan, celebrating animation, pharmacy, and the Firesign Theatre!  -- DVD versions under development
The Audio Archives -- audio cassette and CDs (also in development! electron-free music! Woo!)

Order Form -- print out and mail or fax! Other options coming soon 

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