As words spill from the word processor, they will continue to be mopped up on this page. Welcome to some perspectives on Battle Creek and the world of pharmacy!

The One Dollar Miracles of Battle Creek
    Battle Creek, long known for its fiber and flakes, played host to a collection of oddballs who offered to cure the incurable for a dollar a bottle--and whose research and development department was rarely more than an advertising office...this article
later became a video which lead to a spot on an A&E Biography on the Kellogg Brothers...

The Kellogg Who Would be King
    Frank J. Kellogg, early millionaire in the Surreal City, made every advantage of the familiar name on every breakfast box at the turn of the 20th century.  His marriages made as many headlines as his "accomplishments."

The Infamous MSEd Research Paper on Pharmacist Attitudes
    Do Michigan pharmacists feel threatened by licensed pharmacy technicians? No!  Do they want them educated in the field? No!  Hmmm... in medio veritas .  See the dreary details!  WARNING: May contain pie charts! (Hope you haven't just eaten!)

Cross-Influences in German Abstract Animation in the Silent Era
    There is a germ of a thesis in these 1000 words, and someday they'll make a great book.  Or grounds for lawsuit.  Anyway, it appeared in an ASIFA Central publication in 2002 and represents seepage from a presentation at an animation retreat two years earlier.  Like I say, these things take time...

Book Reviews on Animation
   From the Animator's Bookshelf--thoughts on a handful of books related to the Wonderful World of Animation

Sweatin' to the Real Oldies
     A brief overview of the 1920's penchant for loosing "excess flesh" by -- gasp! -- exercising...and to MUSIC on RECORDS!  Crikeys!  What won't our great-grandparents think of next!

Essays on Education
    OK, so I just finished up a master's degree.  I have to do a lot of typing, so here's where it'll reside.  These are some random thoughts on various topics in education.

And more on the way! Woo Hoo!
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