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This is where Uncle Stan loses himself for hours on end. Come get lost with him!

ASIFA and Animation
Lots of text, but it's all about animation.... or zucchini bread
The Animation World Network hunt for jobs,hook up with (er, connect with) other animators, and lookit the pictures!  Dan Carto has the BEST Hawaiian shirts!

The Kalamazoo Animation Festival Internationale (or something like that) The KAFI festival was amazing again in 2005 -- Uncle Stan got to babble and babble – sadly, it's on a hiatus for 2011; maybe it will reappear in 2012
The Animated Cartoon Factory -- animator Brian LeMay has put out a series of amazing "how to" books on animation, layout, and storyboarding. His website is very LIVELY.
Inkwell Images -- Ray Pointer is a man of passions about the Fleischer studios and has taken it upon himself to share the treasures of his archives. The FIRST SOUND CARTOON did NOT have Mickey Mouse (if copyright even allows me to write the MM word) and here's proof. ALSO here are sources for the first sound films of Lee DeForest.
Nina Paley's Site -- a cartoonist for many years and now an animator with her amazing Fetch, her handmade feature Sita Sings the Blues, and ZPG mission!
She needs to hear from you!
The Iota Center -- a site for abstract animation information, William Moritz archives, and resources

The Center for Visual Music (CVM) , a source for the amazing work of Oskar Fischinger 

Random Acts of Fun
The Annals of Irreproducible Results (AIR) -- a mainstay of cutting edge research and IgNobel awards
Funny Times -- the best collection of the best collection of the best collection of the best of humor!

Pharmacy and Alternative Health
SRS --The ONLY Pharmacy Computer System you'll EVER need!
Medscape --the best medical newsletter and information source--sign up and learn stuff! FREE FREE FREE! (I likes free!)
Pharmacy Times -- these guys actually PRINT stuff Uncle Stan writes!

Ancient Audio
MAPS (Michigan Antique Phonograph Society) – electron-free music now and forever! (great source for historical audio, recording history, and neat illustrations. Glenn Sage ROCKS.)
TV on 78s -- the world of MECHANICAL TELEVISION from the 1920s-1930s! This site is too incredible.

Battle Creek
Willard Library -- find pages of historic images of Battle Creek (where boxtops were invented and cereal used to be made!)

Friends and Other Assorted Ne'er-do-wells
The Sherwood Page of Too-Much-Fun John Sherwood, sci-fi impresario, recreator of Sherlock Holmes and Charles Dickens, newspaperman par excellence, has a lot of great stuff on his site. And his wife Katari, well, like a bird she sings....
Sally Cruikshank's web page -- "Fun on Mars?" well, it's just plain fun. From the the creator of "Quasi at the Quackadero," considered by Jeff Beck to be one of the 50 greatest cartoons of all time. You can spend HOURS here. It runs best under Internet Explorer. She's a JAVA gal.
Brad Yarhouse -- a Flash Meister from Grand Rapids, Michigan ... amazing work
Joe Cartoon -- home of the Frog in a Blender animation...better living through pheochromocytoma!
Dan Egan and Progressive Printing and Graphics -- this poor guy has to put up with my lousy Photoshop scan attempts every year to print the CALENDAR!

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