These modules are based on handouts given to students at Kellogg Community College's enrolled in DEHY234, Pharmacology for Dental Hygienists.  Graphics, charts, and visual stimuli have been removed in the interest of conserving file space.  These are intended as backup sources in case the aspiring dental hygienist has a most hungry canine hovering about the home.  Click on the blue highlighted topic for a complete outline.  Click on the "back" button of your browser to return to this listing.

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Note to students in DEHY234 (at Kellogg Community College) for the 2008 and beyond academic years--there are pdfs for your textbook being made available to you that cover this same material.

PDF Samples of a nearly done, but not quite tweaked, textbook (publish on demand, here we come!):
Chapter One -- Introduction to pharmacology, with discussion of pharmacy laws and prescription writing
Chapter Six -- Local Anesthetics -- discussion of theories, history, and specific drugs
Appendix  I -- A Collection of Monographs of drugs you may encounter in practice, or worse, on your national board exams.  Arranged alphabetically by generic

Module One: Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion
Module Two: The Autonomic Nervous System
Module Three: Antimicrobial Agents
Module Four: Analgesics
Module Five: Sedatives, Hypnotics, Antidepressants, and Tranquilizers
Module Six: Local and General Anesthesia
Module Seven: Cardiac Drugs
Module Eight: Epilepsy and Parkinsonism
Module Nine: Diabetes
Module Ten: Steroids and Antihistamines
Module Eleven: Emergency Drugs, Tuberculosis, and Hepatitis
Module Twelve: Prescription Laws (focus on Michigan) and Abbreviations
Module Thirteen: Chemotherapy in Cancer

Appendix One: Sample Review Questions
Appendix Two: A Whole Lotta Drugs, Sorted by General Category