Uncle Stan's Profusely Animated Video, Volume One
Films produced from 1970-2000, VHS NTSC format only (DVD someday!)
approximately 90 minutes, $20, from
The Animating Apothecary
PO Box 1325
Battle Creek, MI 49016
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Email: jimmiddleton@juno.com 

Sfumato #1 (1999), includes "making of" clips
Rush Job (1998), includes "character study" clips
A Cereal Symphony (1988)
A Hyper-Romantic Expectation (dance collaboration) (1987)
Alpha (1984)
Daydreams (1982)
The Self-Made Man (1979)
A Dog's World (1970)

Various commercial clips (1990-1999)
With Random Acts of Video
The One-Dollar Miracles of Battle Creek (1996)
Joy at the Speed of Light (1997)
Jim Shorts' Cavalcade of Sports for You (clips, 1995-1996)

And whatever else falls into the tape during the recording process.  Each recording is "made to order" from master tapes
in the archives.  (boy, that sounds more impressive than it really is!)