EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG! Video from the Firesign Theatre
The Firesign Theatre has created an entire universe of material to expand your mind via your ears.
And once, many years ago, they produced a 16mm film that visualized their classic bit of vinyl called
"Everything You Know Is Wrong."  They lip-synched their own record!  Occasionally lost and found
(more often lost), this production made its way onto tape a few years ago and quickly evaporated.
We at the Animating Apothecary suspect a conspiracy afoot.  So, to be sure their message is not lost
forever, we have a few copies of this classic tape available, still shrink wrapped for your protection
and enjoyment for $15.  As of September 2008, there are 6 tapes left.
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Here's what the cover looks like:
Classic Firesign Theatre EYKIW!