Videos? You want Videos?

This page is pretty darned apologies...

Three so far!
1. Uncle Stan's Profusely Animated Video
            90 minutes or more of animation, historical videos, and random acts of sketching by Jim Middleton.  Some of these
            bad boys have appeared on French TV (well, then, so did Jerry Lewis, so there you are...)
2. Pharmacy In Film (1917-1940)
            Pharmacists have been the topic of entertainment since Edison produced his infamous cylinder "Bear's Oil."  Here
            are clips and films featuring W. C. Fields (he liked the role so much, he played it twice!), John Wayne ("That's druggist
            to you!"), Stan Laurel ("...." --it's a silent film), Flip the Frog, Louise Brooks (beware of the apothecary's back room),
            and more!
3. Everything You Know is Wrong! (The Firesign Theatre)
            These guys should be listed among the country's natural treasures.  When they can get together and not smash furniture
            what they create is nothing short of phenomenal.  Here's your chance to have both a Firesign recording AND their
            smiling beezers on tape!

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